Longquan School, Gansu Province, a school built with Country Garden’s support
The first class of graduates from Guangdong Country Garden Polytechnic
Zhongming Fellowship Award Ceremony
Country Garden Polytechnic
Linxia Guoqiang Vocational-Technical School

Education-based poverty relief efforts

Starting from 1997, when Mr. Yang Guoqiang set up the Zhongming Fellowship, education-based poverty alleviation has all along been an important part of Country Garden’s targeted poverty alleviation efforts.

We are exploring a full life-cycle approach to education-based poverty alleviation. Apart from grants and scholarships, Country Garden Group and Guoqiang Foundation have set up three tuition-free schools, namely Guohua Memorial Middle School, Guangdong Country Garden Polytechnic and Linxia Guoqiang Vocational- Technical School. In our project sites in the 14 counties that we support, we leverage internal and external resources to set up endowments to provide financial support to 64,177 students from registered poor households and help schools improve teaching infrastructure in a targeted manner.