Compliance governance



    Country Garden attaches great importance to risk management and internal control. We develop the Group’s risk management and internal control system, guarantee the improvement of risk management capabilities and the level of internal control efforts.                  

    Country Garden’s Risk Management Framework
    Country Garden’s Framework on Risk-Management, Quality Control and Supervision System

    Integrity culture

    Country Garden is dedicated to creating a credible and clean operating environment. We formulated a series of internal policies such as the manual of internal control, Country Garden Group Employee Code, Country Garden Regulation on Management of Employee On-Duty Behavior, Country Garden Regulation on Management of Conflict of Interests of Employees, Country Garden Measures for Pursuing Responsibilities for Violations of Regulations and Discipline by Group Employees, require employees to sign the letter of commitment of "integrity self-discipline", organize the sunshine culture festival and offer the integrity education microfilms to raise the integrity awareness of employees and improve the internal anti-corruption system.


    Intellectual Property

    Country Garden strives to improve the intellectual property protection system. We formulated Intellectual Property Right Handbook, Intellectual Property Right Protection Procedure, Intellectual Property Right Management Procedure, Intellectual Property Right Reward Management Measures and other systems and guidlines to strengthen our standardized and automated intellectual property management. Meanwhile, we put forward patent infringement risk control throughout the R&D process to protect the intellectual property rights of others.

    As of the end of 2021, the intellectual property rights that Country Garden Group has obtained


    Country Garden has set up several public reporting channels to allow consumers to monitor and give feedback at any time.


    Reporting hotline:0757-26395969

    Reporting handling office:528311 Country Garden Headquarters, No.1 Country Garden Avenue, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong Province

    *Country Garden will keep the whistleblower confidential to protect the privacy and safety of the whistleblower

Supplier management

Supplier Management System
Green and Transparent Procurement

Country Garden formulated Measures for Renewable Supplier Entry and Appraisal, Supplier Management Measures, Country Garden Supplier Integrity Requirements, Supplier Management Process, Supplier Evaluation System, Supplier Penalty Measures and other internal systems to build up a whole life cycle management process for all types of suppliers and establish a fair, transparent, and sustainable supply chain.

Country Garden is committed to establishing a green and transparent supply chain and prefers the suppliers who have completed certification. Additionally, each supplier is required to sign Supplier Integrity Requirements and participate in anti-corruption training to integrate integrity into supplier cooperative relationships.


Client Service and Responsible Marketing

Country Garden always puts the interests and needs of customers in the first place. We have formulated internal systems or guidelines such as Operation and Management System, Operational Guidelines for Pre-Sales Customer Risk Inspection, Operational Guidelines for Handling Customer Complaints to standardize service content and improve service quality. At the same time, we listen to the needs of our customers through standardized customer complaints handling process.

Customer Privacy Protection

Country Garden initiated internal documents such as Information Security Management System of Country Garden Group, Guidelines on Customer Data Platform and Smart Information Masking and Outbound Platform, Data Security Management System of Country Garden Group, Personal Information Protection Policy Template and Supplier Personal Information Protection Policy to safeguard the information security of customers.