Dedicated to building a green homeland

Country Garden formulated internal systems including Management Measure for Environmental Protection, Guidelines for Application of New Energy Technology and Measures for Renewable Supplier Entry and Appraisal to uphold environmental responsibilities actively. We passed ISO14001 and other environmental management system certifications and have implemented standardized environmental management in all business processes.


Country Garden attaches importance to green construction and operation and takes diversified green measures in terms of resource conservation and management, waste discharge and disposal, green services and publicity etc.to ensure compliance and legality, in a bid to reduce the negative impact on the environment during constructions as much as possible.

  • Reasonable water-saving methods and dirty water disposal
  • Energy saving
  • Disposal and recycling of construction waste
  • Dust Pollution Reduction
  • Material-saving and the use of environmentally friendly materials
  • People-oriented operation Reduce construction labor intensity

Certification of sustainable development buildings

Create a green and healthy living environment

Country garden follows the national trend and adjusts to local standards by revising and updating the Design Guidelines for Country Garden Green Buildings and other internal standards and guidelines in a bid to create a green and healthy living environment along with a full implementation of sustainable concepts and enrichment of the connotation of sustainable construction.



Country Garden is dedicated to tackling climate change effectively by implementing mitigation and adaptation measures to minimize the impact of climate change on its business. We avoid developing projects within the scope of protected areas listed in World Heritage and IUCN Category 1 to 4 and make efforts to reduce the potential adverse impacts of business operations on biodiversity.
In 2020, the EIA coverage rate of Country Garden and its construction projects reached 100%

In 2021, 23 buildings were certified as two-star green buildings.
The total construction area is 3.253 million square meters.

38 buildings were certified as first-star green buildings.
The building area is 5.902 million square meters.

In 2021, one project obtained LEED pre-certification.

In 2021, another 124 sponge city projects were carried out.
The total area is 8.655 million square meters.

Cumulative number of buildings that meet national greenbuilding standards
Cumulative construction area of buildings that meet national green building standards [10,000 sqm.]