Country Garden held the meeting to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. At the meeting, Mo Bin, Party Secretary and President of the Group, presented awards to the representatives of the winners of the “Five 100 Party Building Projects”.
Finals of Party History Knowledge Competition of Country Garden
Guangdong Giant Leap Construction Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Country Garden, established a temporary party branch at the construction site to promote production safety and project quality through party building.
Revolutionary property
I didn't expect that Country Garden would express sympathy and solicitude for us old party members. Thank you. Wang Chunfu, who is over 80 years old, walked slowly with crutches, and spoke slowly to the volunteers in red waistcoats next to him. —— Country Garden's “Warm Winter” activity held in Jinxia Village, Zhangchang Town, Danling County.
Country Garden (Henan region) donated flood-fighting materials to Gongyi Charity Federation, including gasoline generators, folding beds, cups, 100W three-proof floodlights,, quick-drying clothes for summer, and slippers. Its party members and volunteers were unloading the flood-fighting materials.

General situation of party building

Devotion to the party and the country is an important part of Country Garden's corporate culture.

Country Garden established its first party branch in 1995, which was upgraded to party committee in 2007. Now, it has over 800 party organizations with nearly 30,000 party members. As an enterprise that developed after reform and opening up, Country Garden is determined to follow the party and promote the construction of its corporate culture of devotion to the party and the country. Based on its actual situation and in accordance with the "party building +" working ideas, it has built a party building system of "one body, two wings, three training, four priorities and five 100 projects" to promote the high quality development of its party building work.

Country Garden’s party building work was included into the list of the second typical cases of party building in private enterprises in the new era. The Party Committee of the Group has been designated as a demonstration site of the “Two New” party building organizations in Guangdong Province, an advanced party committee of private economic organizations in Guangdong Province, a demonstration site of party building in private economic organizations in Guangdong Province, and an ideal and belief education base for private economic practitioners in Guangdong Province.

“Party building +” working ideas

Party building +

Party building+business development

Party building+corporate culture

Party building+talent training

Party building+social responsibility

Party building+care for employees

Become a model enterprise of party building for large private enterprises
and comprehensive high-tech enterprises

“12345”Party Building Work System
One main body Two wings

Enterprise party building

Serving enterprise development

Community party building

Science and technology party building; construction site party building
Industrial park party building

Countryside party building

Grass-roots party building

Three training
Four priorities
“100 project”
Train the backbone employees into party members, and train party members into backbone employees
Train backbone party members into group executives.
Under the same condition, excellent party members have priority over others in taking up
important posts, honor awarding and training.
100 outstanding party branches, 100 vanguard party members, 100 party building brand projects,
100 outstanding party classes by party secretaries, 100 practical work benefiting the people by party members

Serve the overall situation focusing on the central tasks
Promote the integration of party building and business to promote high-quality enterprise development

History of party building




Celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of Communist Party of China.

Held a grand meeting to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Communist Party of China; Completed the construction of the “Five 100 Projects" of Country Garden’s party building work; Carried out party history education; Party organizations of the group across the country were awarded more than 50 "July 1st" awards by higher party committees.


Set up a volunteer service team of the group’s party members.

Mobilized all party organizations and party members to fight the COVID-19 epidemic; set up 1,317 volunteer service teams made up of party members; designated as the demonstration site of “Two New” party building in enterprises in Guangdong Province.




Established the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Party School

Established the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Party School of Country Garden; Carried out the education on the theme of "Staying True to Original Aspirations and Keeping the Mission in Mind"; Started the pilot project of party building at the construction site; Designated as the "Demonstration Site of Party Building in Private Economic Fields in Guangdong Province".


Three-year action plan of grass-roots party building

At the request of the Organization Department of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Country Garden started the three-year action plan of grassroots party building to develop the revolutionary property and the co-construction of society and enterprise.




Won the provincial-level honor

Party Committee of Country Garden Group was awarded the plaque of "Advanced Party Organization in Private Economic Organizations in Guangdong Province” issued by the Committee of Non-public Economic Organizations in Guangdong Province.


Country Garden Group Party Committee

Renamed Country Garden Group Party Committee. President Mo Bin was elected as the Party Secretary. In the same year, the themed activity of "Celebrating the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Being a Model Employee at the Post" was held.




The Group’s first party committee was established

Set up the Party Committee of Country Garden Property Development Co., Ltd.. Promoted the standardization of party building, and consolidate the foundation of grassroots party building.


The group’s first general party branch was established

Set up the community general party branch of Country Garden to have jurisdiction over party members of Country Garden.


The group’s first party branch was established

Established the party branch of Guangdong Country Garden School and made preliminary exploration of carrying out party building work.