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Guoqiang Foundation is a private foundation established in 2013 by Mr. Yang Guoqiang, board chairman of Country Garden, and Ms. Yang Huiyan, co-chairman of Country Garden. The Foundation is committed to making the world a better place for having us in it. And we are dedicated to promoting national prosperity and human progress through our efforts in education, cultural development , rural revival and community development.

In Guoqiang Foundation, we see poverty alleviation as our responsibility, mission and conscience.The survival and development of human beings, the prosperity of the country, and the progress of society all depend on knowledge, wisdom, and hard work Therefore, the Foundation established Guohua Memorial Middle School, Guangdong Country Garden Polytechnic and Guoqiang Vocational and Technical College for poor students and veterans where they can learn the skills to change their lives.The Foundation has established over 20 special funds to support China’s scientific and educational development including the Zhongming Fellowship for College Students, Huiyan Educational Aid Fund and Guohua Scholars Fund. We have also made donations to many Chinese universities, including Tsinghua University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, Beijing Normal University and Westlake University. We respond actively to the call of the Chinese government to participate in the Group’s poverty alleviation programs in 14 counties across 9 provinces. And we are exploring a “4+X” poor-relief model that consists of four “compulsory practices”, including CPC party building, industrial development, education and employment, along with a set of “optional practice” that target local needs.


Establishment of Guoqiang Foundation

10 billion

Donated more than CNY


Built 3 charity schools

counties in16Aided 57

Aided 57 counties in 16 provinces nationwide


More than 490,000 beneficiaries

  • Education


    Guohua Memorial Middle School, Guangdong Country Garden Polytechnic and Linxia Guoqiang Vocational-Technical School founded by the Foundation mainly enroll poor students. In addition, the Foundation has set up more than 20 special educational foundations including Zhongming University Student Grant, and Huiyan Education Foundation, and made donations to many universities including Tsinghua University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, and Beijing Normal University to promote their development.

  • Culture


    Guoqiang Foundation has been supporting the International Confucian Association in its Confucianism research, Dunhuang Research Institute in its comprehensive protection of the cultural relics in Yulin Grottoes, and Chaozhou Municipal Government in the development of its Chaozhou intangible cultural heritage projects.

  • Rural revitalization

    Rural revitalization

    Guoqiang Foundation adheres to the guidance of Party building, focuses on revitalization in the five areas of industry, talents, ecology, culture and organization, carries out N types of projects of different grades according to local conditions, innovates the "two-body co-promotion" assistance and construction mechanism, builds the rural revitalization complex and community, and explores the approach to rural revitalization with Country Garden characteristics.

  • Sustainable development of community

    Sustainable development of community

    Guoqiang Foundation and Youth Volunteer Action Guidance Center of the Communist Youth League Central Committee jointly launched the "Better Community Plan" and put forward the "Care Community" development model to build child-friendly communities, elderly-friendly communities, resilient communities and eco-friendly communities.